Friday, October 5, 2007

Array Biopharma Motorcycle Club

Today over lunch we had our fall motorcycle ride at work. Our group of 8 took a nice 2 hour lunch to enjoy the fall foliage on our motorbikes. Earlier in the year we had a ride that was less enjoyable - 42 mile hour winds and hail. Today we rode from Array to Carter Lake in Loveland, CO and had lunch at a place called Windjammer. Seems like a great place for biker people - apparently it is a common spot to stop on Poker Rides. I forgot my camera, so no photos, but take my word for it - a beautiful day riding down gorgeous CO back roads . . .

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cables and Lace Kimono Sweater Finished

After finishing MS3 (the swan lake mystery stole shown in a previous post) I joined the Sweaterbabe Cables and Lace Sweater Knit Along. I finished the sweater yesterday and have to say this is the first piece of clothing I have made for myself where I actually like the way it fits and will wear it!! Now I am on to knitting Christmas gifts!!


I am ashamed to admit I am 33 years old and just went to California for the first time in my life. It was a quick trip for business. Luckily I went with a coworker who used to have second home there, so she gave me the most wonderful tour. We flew into LA on Monday and spent the afternoon sightseeing along the coast. The beaches were gorgeous - we stopped at Herimosa and Manhattan Beach. I couldn't get over that you didn't have to pay to go on the beach (ha, I am too used to the New Jersey ways)!

We also went touring down Sunset Boulevard and in the ritzy neighborhoods including Bel Air where we saw these funny, funny trees!

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent in a training course, but we did manage to get out for two great dinners. On Monday we went to a little sushi place and on Tuesday we went to angelini's - an Italian restaurant owned and run by a friend of Sharon's - absoulutely wonderful food and ambiance! Here is a photo of Sharon and I at dinner - this was after all the free wine, so we were very smilely!!

The best part of the trip was instead of staying in separate hotel rooms we roomed together and for the same price got a room at the Beverly Hills Wilshire 4 seasons! The best beds ever. Here is a view from our hotel room - overlooking Hollywood Hills.
I can see the appeal of California. It was a beautiful place with beautiful weather, but I'll take Colorado anyday!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Great Friends Come to Boulder

The original plan for labor day weekend was to play in the hockey tournament against my old team from New Jersey, The Bridgewater Wings. Unfortunately the team fell apart due to (of all things) pregnancies - yes, that is a constant problem with women's hockey teams, but, yeah, two new baby wings! Well, our dear friends Blythe and Adam had already booked their flight, so lucky for us we got them for the whole weekend.
We had a blast. They are great people as when we hang out it is always "easy." No work involved we can do nothing and still always have a great time.
In between hockey we showed them all the Boulder hot spots, went on some bike rides and did a hike up red rocks. We went up into the mountains one day and stoppped at the Continental Divide . . . feels like the top of the world, but only the point where water goes to the Atlantic down one side or the Pacific ocean down the other. This was the first time I have been up there and there was no snow at all.

Here is a photo of Blythe and I . . .

And one of Michel and Adam . . .

Mile High Mountain Match Up Hockey Tournament

I have been just terrible about updating the past few weeks. I'll forego the excuses and just catch up. Over Labor Day weekend I played in the Mile High Hockey Tournament at the Apex Center in Arvada, CO. Our team was the cast of usuals from seasons past and present. Our team name was Socially Akward, because hey, aren't we all? We played in the upper division and were very much out of our league as we didn't win a game and lost all but one pretty badly. Here is a picture of me in action . . .

Unfortunately, I took three penalties over the weekend, that's a lot, even for me, but I argue the refs were not always accurate - I really only deserved one of the three. Here is one where I argue this girl ran into me/didn't get out of my way . . . I got two minutes for this . . .

It was a great weekend and very nicely run tournment. The weather was great and drinking in the parking lot after games is the absolute best!!! Best of all this was a great warm up for the upcoming season!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Another perfect day in Boulder, CO

Like any working person I cherish my weekends. Having moved to Boulder last year from the east coast I cannot tell you how great the weather is here - sun, sun, sun. Back east on any given sunny weekend day I felt I had to be outside soaking up every last enjoyable ray as the chance of rain or miserable weather were (are) pretty good there. Living in Colorado sunny days are so abundant! I feel less pressure to enjoy them and as a result enjoy my days more - if that makes sense . . . . here is a typical weekend day . . . this one happens to be yesterday.
Our day begins (as does every weekend day) with a bike ride around Boulder. Michel investigates new trails all week and then takes me on a new route every weekend. It is amazing the network of paved trails in this city. My favorite route is all along the Boulder Creek path - absolutely amazing. Here is a picture of Michel leading the way and one of the Boulder creeks as I pass over one of the many bridges. It is funny that we see more wildlife on our bike rides around town then we do when we head up into the mountains. Yesterday we saw a Blue Heron fishing. Three weeks ago we saw 5 turkey buzzards on a fence not 4 feet from us. They were hanging out by the prarie dog community, so I was suspicious of their intentions. I am sad I didn't have my camera with me that day - it was a site!!
We finished our morning ride with a trip to the farmer's market - the peaches and cucumbers are amazing this time of year. I also bought some edamame - my first time not buying it frozen!
The rest of the day consisted of knitting, an ice hockey game at night with the girls, and then home to drink wine and watch a movie with Michel . . . doesn't get any better than that!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Completed MS3

Here are some photos of my swan lake stole from mystery stole 3. Happy to have it done, but came home from work today feeling a bit lost with out any lace to knit. I hope Melanie - the pattern designer - publishes this and the accompanying patterns soon. I want to do the double winged pattern as I love the flower pattern. I already have a light grey yarn with which to knit that pattern - I just need to find some beads. Those wonderful/evil ladies in the MS3 group were right - knitting lace is very addictive!
the first photo is the completed and blocked stole displayed on a hangerAnd here is one of the feathered detail and the first photos I have where the beads can be seen